Quantitative Investing With Conviction
For The Long-Term

  • Searching

    for Quality Stocks at Bargain Prices

    Choose stocks on the basis of two rules: High quality at a bargain price.

    Active management of a concentrated portfolio with quality value stocks will outperform over the long run.

  • Quantitative

    Value Investing

    Value investing is choosing stocks that are priced below their intrinsic value.

    Own companies with competitive advantages that are priced below their intrinsic value.

  • Value Investing

    Part Science, Part Art

    Use a bottom-up investing approach.

    Concentrated portfolio of 6-12 stocks.

  • Fundamental

    Research & Analysis

    Own companies with high returns on capital priced at low multiples.

    Good balance sheets: High cash, low debt.

  • Patience

    To Wait for Opportunities

    Be willing to wait on the sidelines until opportunity arrives.

    Low portfolio turnover.